10 Guiding Principles for Successful Lead Generation

The following information is provided by the Center for REALTOR® Development (CRD).

Despite the claims of vendors promoting their lead-generation-made-easy products, generating quality organic leads is neither quick nor easy. There is no silver bullet approach. Successful lead generation requires time, effort, and resources. What must you consider for your lead generation efforts to be successful and to add to your business and bottom line? Start with these guiding principles.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience. You need to determine the type of properties, location, and clients that you want to work with, based on your comfort level and the market conditions in your area.
  1. Establish Relationships. When you meet new people, or contact a prospective lead, take the time to listen to find out the challenges they have or the problems they need to solve.
  1. Capture Information. By collecting as much information as you can about each lead, you can provide content and follow-up that are more personalized and more valuable to the lead.
  1. Use a Database. A database allows you to collect and manage your contacts so that you can contact them strategically.
  1. Categorize Your Leads. One of your key tasks is to determine which leads are the most promising. Most agents distinguish between “cold,” “warm,” and “hot” leads.
  1. Develop Your Systems. It’s important to establish systems so that you can maintain momentum. Every agent has to develop his or her own systems of targeted communication and nurturance.
  1. Establish Consistency. You can’t become top of mind for your leads without keeping in touch with them on a regular basis. You don’t want to be too “in your face,” but you definitely want to let them know regularly that you are there to help when they are ready.
  1. Track Data. You need to keep track of the efforts you put into capturing and converting leads so that you know which of the tactics you’re using are successful, and which arenot.
  1. Be Authentic. There is no one-size-fits-all technique for generating leads. The key is to choose the methods that come most naturally to you, and to do what works, to showcase what you have to offer so you stand out in the minds of leads.
  1. Give It Time. Lead generation is a marathon, not a sprint. Many agents fail because they give up too quickly and too easily.

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