Robert Swadley

AAR Director Candidate

I thank you for considering me as a candidate for the election to the Board of Directors of PAR for the 2018/2019 upcoming year.

As a member of the Phoenix Association of REALTORS®  since 1973, I have watched it grow from the fledgling little association it once was to the major force it now is and will continue to be, providing it continues to undertake and support the fine direction it always had in the never ending search for development in the betterment of the Real Estate industry as a whole.

I as a REALTOR® since August of 1973 have accomplished many things over the years that never could have been done if it was not for the Real Estate industry and my love and dedication for it to this day.

When I began, we did not have such things as personal copy machines, fax machines and computers or cell phones, if you wanted to present and offer, or open an escrow it was to drive to that place of business and carry out business on a one to one  basis.

Now education and the leadership of such, is a major factor in the further advancement provided by PAR and I hope to be around many more years to see that growth.

Please vote for me so I can help in giving my more than 44 years of experience in that development.