Sula Meyer

PAR & AAR Director Candidate

I am excited about the possibility of becoming a member of the Board of Directors of the Phoenix Association of REALTORS®.  Being a REALTOR®, Real Estate investor, landlord and a property manager, I would be honored to serve on PAR and provide its members the best possible support, guidelines, structure and education.

My experience includes serving as a board member for a large community HOA.  This was a rewarding and challenging experience that required listening to the needs of a community and finding the best solutions that worked for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Being an entrepreneur most of my life, I learned the importance of being a disciplined self-starter with a strong work ethic along with being open-minded, determined and passionate has helped me achieve my goals.

Perhaps my greatest strength is the ability to build consensus and get along well with others.  Having been born and raised in Ecuador and living in the USA for the past 25 years has given me a unique perspective and deep understanding of cultures and differing points of view.

I have a genuine desire is to work for the benefit of the PAR and all its members, to define our profession for members and the public and to help shape the future of PAR and the industry.