Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home Make Serious Noise at CES; More in Five for Wednesday


  1. Voice-controlled assistants and the increasing number of devices they can control was a huge story at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Want to know about the new things Amazon’s Alexa can do? Check them out.
  2. More of an Apple HomeKit and Siri kind of person? Here you go.
  3. And we wouldn’t forget you, Google Home.
  4. Norway is shutting down analog radio today, and will be the first country to broadcast only digital radio. Why is this important? Germany and the United Kingdom are watching closely, as they too have considered this recently. This could be a big change in how people get information.
  5. The coming Artificial Intelligence / Robotics revolution isn’t just going to claim the jobs of long-range truckers and other blue-collar professionals. A life insurance company in Japan has just replaced all of its employees with an AI that can calculate insurance payouts.

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