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Apples to Apples Comparison | The Benefits of PAR

As part of an office that is a member of the Arizona and National Associations of REALTORS®, it’s time for you to join as well. Select a local REALTOR® association and you will also become a member of the Arizona and National Associations of REALTORS®.
Use this worksheet to see why PAR is the local association that will provide you the best services and give you the most value. Check out the helpful FAQs at the bottom of this page as well.
COSTS FOR 2019 Phoenix Association of REALTORS® Other Local Associations
Application Fee $25 Up to $125
Local Association Dues $140/year Up to $175/year
Fixed Fees for All Valley Associations
State Association Dues $190/year $190/year
National Association Dues $150/year $150/year
NAR Public Advocacy Campaign $35/year $35/year
Individual New Member MLS Access Fee MLS Pro Subscription
$342/year (Prorated each month)
MLS Advantage Bundle Subscription
$552/year (Prorated each month)
Billed in May annually by ARMLS
Supra eKEY Access – Basic Contact ARMLS Support Center at 480-921-7777
eKEY Adapter / FOB Contact ARMLS Support Center at 480-921-7777
ActiveKEY New Member Access Contact ARMLS Support Center at 480-921-7777
Note: all Supra lockbox keys are billed annually in September
Lockbox Contact ARMLS Support Center at 480-921-7777. Check for used boxes at reduced pricing.
New MLS Office Set-Up No charge for Primary DR with PAR. Call for details

Services Comparison
PAR Service Charge for PAR Members Other Local Associations
*Transfer MLS listings when members transfer companies $0 – For PAR members only
Use of on-site computers $0 – For PAR members only
On-site classes Designation/Certification classes offered as well as FREE CE
Online classes Offered to PAR members FREE through Desert Sage Seminars. Click Here for More Info
Classroom and meeting room rental For PAR members only. Click Here for More Info

* Service only applies to agents of an office that subscribe to ARMLS through PAR


  • How long does signup take?

    Plan for about 15-20 minutes in the office during signup.
  • What information will be sent to me regularly?

    You will receive monthly publications in the mail from NAR and AAR, as well as periodic emails from NAR, AAR, and PAR.
  • What ways do you contact me?

    We email all members periodically with important information and upcoming events. We do not send anything through the mail. Be certain to keep your email address up-to-date so you don't miss important information.
  • Do you have a REALTOR® store?

    Yes we do, with a great selection of products. The store is located inside the PAR office at 5033 N 19th Ave, Suite #119, Phoenix, AZ 85015.
  • Do you offer continuing education?

    Yes, we offer Designation and Certification classes, FREE on-site CE classes and FREE online classes.
  • Where else can I go for continuing education?

    You can take continuing education courses from any school accredited by ADRE.
  • Where do I get my Supra Key?

    We have an ARMLS Support Center at our office with Supra keys and lockboxes.
  • What other benefits do you offer to members?

    For more information on member benefits, please visit:
  • How long does it take for a change in my membership to become effective on my MLS?

    MLS changes are typically processed same-day.