Clean Floor Tips for a Quick Sale

When you put your home up for sale, potential buyers are going to walk all over you—or at least they’re going to walk all over your floors.

And they’re going to notice your floors, which means you should keep them clean and looking their best. Many homes have different types of floor surfaces throughout the house, so here are some simple tips that will help make sure your floors pass inspection.

Kitchen Floors: Whether your kitchen floor is made of wood, bamboo, laminate, stone or tile, you should always be sure to give it a good sweeping before open houses or visits from prospective buyers. Clear out the chairs and sweep thoroughly around the table. Food has a way of making its way along the edges and in corners, so clean those thoroughly. And give it a good cleaning or polish if needed.

Wood Floors: Hardwood floors are possibly the most common floors. To give these a good cleaning, clear the floor, including of furniture that can be easily moved, then vacuum it thoroughly. Many wood floors should be cleaned with a wood floor cleaner, not soap. Follow the instructions on the product you use and buff the floor with a cloth.

Bathroom Floors: For the best results here, it’s time to put in some work and get on your hands and knees. Clean the easy-to-access areas with a mop or similar product. Then use a sponge or cleaning wipe to get less accessible areas, such as around the toilet, under the sink and along edges of the walls.

Carpeting: Carpeting is fairly easy to maintain, as it’s really just about regular vacuuming, but be sure to vacuum along the walls and next to furniture, where things get dusty when ignored. Also, inspect your carpet for stains and use a spot carpet cleaner. If necessary, consider hiring a professional to give carpets a thorough cleaning.

Be Ready for an Emergency: You never know when a muddy shoeprint, stain or spill can mark your floors. So be sure to have proper cleaning supplies handy at all times. Mops, sponges, cleaners and stain removers are all must-haves as your home is for sale, this way you can quickly clean up a mess that happens before potential arrives knock on your door.

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