Connect the ICSF Sessions: Jason Pantana solves your marketing problems

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When you’re busy and your business is thriving, sometimes marketing takes a backseat to more urgent everyday needs. But make no mistake: Your marketing system is the foundation of your lead-generation machine, and if you let it slip, then don’t be surprised if your leads start drying up, too.

How do you identify the lead-generation system that is part and parcel of your marketing strategy — and how do you find the flaws and fix them? That’s what coach Jason Pantana, who works with the elite Tom Ferry group of real estate coaches, is going to be doing at a special coaching track session with a deep focus on marketing, happening as part of the week-long programming, networking, education and parties wrapped into Inman Connect San Francisco, July 17 through 20 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

“Agents generate leads all over the place,” notes Pantana, “but they sometimes treat Facebook leads the same way they treat Zillow leads, and these are clients at different points in terms of readiness to buy or sell. Agents need to be able to pinpoint where the lead is in their customer journey and then figure out how to add value at that stage, but instead they’re spinning their wheels working on leads who aren’t ready.”

So how to fix it? Pantana suggests identifying (at least) leads according to where they site in your sales funnel — at the top, in the middle or at the bottom — and then planning how to talk to clients at each stage before applying your new knowledge to all your leads. And then nobody is getting left out, and you’ll maintain a steady stream of clients coming through your business.

Bring your specific real estate marketing challenges to Pantana at Inman Connect San Francisco, where he’ll be giving personalized, actionable advice to help you solve your problems and get your marketing program in the best possible shape.

“I don’t like giving generic, abstract answers,” Pantana explains. “I like giving real answers and providing real strategies — the nuts and bolts.” If that’s what your marketing strategy needs, then you can’t miss this coaching session.

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