Connect the ICSF Speakers: How disinformation is screwing up your reality

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What’s “disinformation”? It’s a misleading narrative that’s usually distributed (where else?) on the internet. “Sometimes disinformation is a hoax just randomly happy to spread, and sometimes it’s coordinated manipulation,” explains Renée DiResta, a disinformation expert who works with corporate clients concerned about brand integrity.

That could mean a company concerned with where its ads are appearing on YouTube, or it could mean a company that’s being targeted by internet trolls that are piling onto an already-bad situation. She’ll be talking about how to manage your own brand integrity in the face of disinformation at Inman Connect San Francisco, July 17 through 20 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

“When you are in the news for a bad thing, which can happen to anybody, how you handle and get ahead of that can potentially be a very important thing,” notes DiResta. But sometimes, managing disinformation around your brand is as simple as being aware of where your name appears online (and offline), and following best practices when it comes to security basics — like email, for example.

“No passwords with sticky notes,” DiResta says. Any business can be the target of an attempted hack, and the stakes are higher for real estate agents and brokers, who are often privy to sensitive financial information. “You never want to be in the news for being the source of a leak that results in financial harm to people.”

And sometimes, businesses are targeted for what their employees are doing online. “Sometimes a businessowner or an employee will say something online as an individual, and it will piss someone off, and they’ll go out and find out where the person works, then try to figure out how they can trash the business.”

Hear what else DiResta has to say about disinformation at Inman Connect San Francisco in July.


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