2018 PAR Board and AAR Quota Director Nominations

Use this form to submit PAR Board and AAR Quota Director nominations.
(The deadline for this submission is:  5 P.M. – Friday, June 1st, 2017.)

You may nominate yourself or another member of the Phoenix Association that you feel would provide GREAT leadership. Please type or print clearly.  All nomination forms will be presented to the Nominating Committee for verification of eligibility.

    *This number may increase or decrease annually depending on PAR’s total membership.

    Note: An individual may serve on both the PAR and AAR Board of Directors simultaneously. AAR Board of Directors generally meets only twice per year and PAR’s Board of Directors meets roughly 3 times per year, as needed. Email polls are done in-between for routine business.

  • Qualifications for All Positions
    • REALTOR® in good standing with a REALTOR® Association for the last three consecutive years, the last two full years (at the time of election) at the Phoenix Association.
    • Valid Email Address that is responded to daily.
    • Ability to review and retrieve documents for meetings electronically, for example via DropBox.

    NOTE: Officers for the Association are now elected from the Directors at their first meeting each year. In 2018, the President will be Deb Fisher who served as President Elect in 2017. The 2018 President Elect will become the 2019 President. A Vice President (who does not move up) will also be elected from those Directors that qualify. An additional qualification (to those listed above) to run for an Officer position is an individual must be a current duly elected Director and has a minimum of two complete years of service on the PAR Board of Directors within the last 5 years.