Glide Secure Online Disclosure Collection

Think TurboTax for your real estate forms – that’s Glide Forms!

Glide Forms allows your clients to complete their TDS, SPQ and other disclosure forms online using a friendly and secure interface that saves time, ensures nothing is missed and integrates directly with your existing zipLogix® account.

Glide Forms replaces today’s dense PDF and paper forms with an easy-to-use, step-by-step wizard experience that ensures that:

  • All required questions have been answered
  • All responses are neatly typed
  • Information can be easily updated at any time
  • A full audit trail is available.

Receive your completed PDF documents instantly via email and directly inside your zipLogix® account. Once the completed PDF documents are generated, they can easily be sent for signature via zipLogix®, Digital Ink®, or DocuSign.

Agents use Glide Forms either in-person with their clients or remotely via email, over the phone or via video conference. Glide provides sellers with contextual help by explaining difficult terms and allows sellers to easily flag questions to review with their agent. TC’s love Glide Forms because it notifies them when clients begin completing forms and where clients are in the process.

Simply register to begin using Glide Forms. Your membership status will be logged when you link your zipLogix® account to generate your fist set of forms.