How to Become a Real Estate Agent

There are many reasons why someone considers a career in real estate. For one, it allows quite a bit of freedom in terms of your schedule as an independent contractor. Running your own business means you set your own hours and can take time off as you please. It’s also a career that requires quite a bit of travel so you’re never stuck at your desk all day. It also can be quite financially rewarding once you’ve established your reputation. If you’re curious about taking the jump into this career, here’s how it’s done.

Study for your license. You can’t do anything in real estate until you complete this step. Licensing requirements and fees vary from province to province, so find out what you need to have in order to get licensed, complete the required schooling and take the exam.

Find a brokerage to work with. The next best step is to join a brokerage. This greatly benefits a new agent as you get to associate yourself with a known and respected brand that clients will trust. Brokerages exist to ensure agents are following all legal and ethical practices, and a reputable company will also be happy to mentor you as you begin your career.

Build a network. This where the real work begins. An agent is nothing without a network. You must put yourself out there constantly, and find like-minded individuals to work with, learn from and offer your services to. You should always have business cards ready because anyone you meet could be a potential client. Make sure everyone you know knows what you do—word of mouth is the best way to build business as people trust their friends. 

Market your services. Yes, business cards are a good start but that’s only just the beginning. There are many real estate agents in every city and you’ll need to stand out to get the attention of buyers and sellers. While word of mouth might account for some of your success, you won’t survive on it alone. Spend money on a website that looks professional and is easy to navigate, optimize it for SEO for your city, and stay active on social media.

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