How to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

How to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

Redecorating your kid’s room can be a chance for quality time with your child.
Or it can be an expensive nightmare. Here’s how to make the experience good for both of you.

Make it about them.
Remember, this is your child’s space, so learn to compromise.

Needs vs. wants.
Have your child list needs vs. wants. This is a great opportunity to teach them about budgeting.

Consider growth.
Your child might love butterflies now, but that could change in a minute. Use themes in easy-to-swap-out items, like bedding and lamps.

Make clean-up easy.
Incorporate lots of storage to keep clutter at bay. Think cubbies, baskets and trunks.

Get a big bed.
A twin is fine for your 10-year-old, but not your lanky teenager. Get the double bed now and avoid the expense later.

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