New REALTOR® Member Information

Included in this section you will find everything needed to join the Phoenix Association of REALTORS® as a REALTOR®.

REALTOR® = A real estate licensee or a licensed or certified appraiser actively involved in the selling and/or buying of real property and hanging license and doing business with a Designated REALTOR® who is already a member of the association. This includes real estate agents or licensed appraisers who are actively listed under the other person according to the Arizona Department of Real Estate or the Arizona Board of Appraisal.

Comparing Apples-to-Apples – Are you wondering how the Phoenix Association of REALTORS® stacks up against other REALTOR® associations? Use our comparison worksheet to help you select the local association that gives you the best value.


What is a REALTOR® Association? (PDF)

ARMLS MLS Waiver Agreement (use only if you’re not receiving MLS Services) (PDF)

2014 REALTOR® Dues/Fees (PDF)