Luxury Connect: Join us for an Exclusive Japanese Whisky Tasting Activity

What exactly is Japanese whisky? According to Kim Ohanneson, president of Women Who Whiskey in Los Angeles, Japanese whisky is one of the fastest-growing luxury liquor markets in the world, and although it’s a relative newcomer compared to Scotch whiskey, it’s rapidly rising in popularity all over the world.

If you don’t know the first thing about Japanese whisky but would like to expand your knowledge to impress your high-net-worth clients, then you can join Ohanneson at an exclusive Japanese Whisky Tasting: The Zen of Japanese Whisky at the District in Los Angeles as part of the variety of off-site activities available for attendees at Luxury Connect, taking place October 16 through 18 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.


Ohanneson will lead attendees through four expressions of Japanese whisky, paired with small bites from the District’s kitchen, which will help participants understand the differences in taste and experience that result from different grain selection, barrel aging and wood finishing, and how Japanese whisky’s flavor is changed when water or ice is added to the liquor. Much like wine, there is a specific process for nosing and tasting Japanese whisky — but there are some important differences between nosing and tasting wine and Japanese whisky, which attendees will also learn.

Beyond the nuts and bolts of imbibing Japanese whisky, participants will also be treated to Ohanneson’s extensive knowledge about how Japanese whisky has emerged in popularity in recent years, how it fits into the worldwide malted-grain liquor scene, which brands are the best-known for their Japanese whisky and their shared history, and much more.



High-net-worth clients are always on the lookout for what’s new and different, so when you become well-versed on one of the top new luxury trends, it can open doors for you as a real estate agent. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn about Japanese whisky from one of the world’s experts, exclusively at Luxury Connect.

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