Maximize Your Real Estate Team’s Lead Conversion

Opportunities aren’t lost…they go to someone else. Not a phrase I like to be reminded of; however, it is true.  We think we lost the lead, while in reality, that potential client did buy or sell with someone else. Not cool. Making sure your team has an effective system for converting leads and staying in front of potential buyers and sellers will make or break your lead conversion. Follow these lead conversion strategies and implement them into your team’s system for making sure every lead gets followed up on, converted, listed and sold.

  1. Track leads. Every new lead goes into a pipeline, whether you are using a tracking system by paper, spreadsheet or tracking done with your own CRM platform. Keeping an organized list of your leads is paramount. One of the benefits of using a CRM is that you can quickly track notes, follow up calls, send emails, track their stage in the selling process and work via mobile with ease.  Automated, follow up email campaigns for leads that are just starting out are a fantastic way to keep in touch with new clients getting started, and of course, continual follow up by phone is most effective. For your team’s organization, tracking leads and sources of the leads are also most important. Regardless of your system for tracking leads, it all starts with having and following a system to keep all leads in one place for your review, and from this list, your agent’s job is to turn them into an appointment.
  1. Don’t discount a lead, regardless of where they are in the sales process. They may be just starting out or gathering information; that’s fine. You’re not going anywhere. Work with them and provide extreme value and then stay with them. Sure, we would love every lead to start as an “A-level” buyer or listing prospect, but some are, and start out as a B- or C-level. But eventually they will want to move, and you will be the one who maximizes that opportunity—not your competition. So, welcome the leads that aren’t ready to do something right this second. Put them in your pipeline and stay in front of them for months. You will win their business. You are creating future business for yourself, and we all need future business.
  1. Update your pipeline weekly and in your CRM. You must increase the number of potential leads in your pipeline if you want to grow your production and income. Once they are on the list, review the list and see who on your list you can call for an appointment. They may be getting the house ready to market, which is a perfect opportunity for you to add value to the process by telling them you can save them time and money before they make the home improvement list. Call everyone on your list and convert them from a name on your list to an actual showing or listing appointment. You are one step closer to converting them into a sale.
  1. Improve the scripts and marketing material you are using. If you or your team members are not converting leads into appointments, you may need new material, both written and verbal. A new or improved strategy for calling potential clients may be necessary and hiring a coach or going to some sales training would be helpful. If you are the leader, you can create strategies and scripts for your team members to use that will convert these leads into appointments.
  1. Proactive and presumptive closing will get you an appointment. Constant follow up and adding value will create the opportunity to convert the call and lead into an appointment. Create or remind them of the pain they will need to overcome, and then be their solution. Solve their problem and make the close. For example, with an expired or FSBO lead, it would look like this for a strategy:  “I have the formula for why your home isn’t selling, and I would like to share it with you. What’s better for you, Thursday at 5 or Saturday at 10?”—because you’re going to meet with them. They choose between two options and you have an appointment to see the house.
  1. Continue to convert the leads into appointments, sales and closed income. It is so important that you work the leads and add value to the process. The agent that adds the most value gets hired and you can radically differentiate yourself and your unique services by communicating to the lead in such a way that they will meet with you because you are adding value to the process.  Remember you are taking people through the stages of the sales cycle. Work within their timeframe and stay in front of them and you will be the one who gets the business.

Following these lead conversion strategies will ensure you are truly maximizing every lead and aware that they need to go through the stages of the sales process. Keep your pipeline full and keep follow up a daily habit and you will increase your appointments and list and sell more homes. Make sure your mindset is to secure and appointment with the leads on your tracking sheet pipeline and fill your weekly schedule full of buyer and listing appointments.

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