2018 Membership Renewal Schedule



To access the online payment system, you will need:

  • Login: your NRDS # listed at top of the invoice that is emailed to each member.
  • Password: which is the member’s last name in all lower case letters
  • RAPAC is voluntary. If you do not want to contribute – select $0 in the drop down and recalculate your balance before making payment.
  • The refund policy applies to all payments including RAPAC.



Early December Renewal invoices available online to all PAR REALTOR® members, Affiliates and DR’s.  A blast email to all REALTORS®, Affiliate Contacts and DR’s will be sent when invoices are available online.
January 2nd All invoices are due.
Prior to 5:01 p.m. Mon., Jan. 8th REALTOR® Dues and Affiliate Offices online payments receive a discount ($20 for REALTOR® dues and Affiliate Offices). This discount is available for on-line payment ONLY.  NOTE: Electronic bank payments do not qualify. The bank generates and mails a check to PAR which will not qualify the REALTOR® or Affiliate Office for the discount.  Online payments must be totally electronic and made only at www.paronline.com.
Mon., Jan. 8th, 5:01 p.m. Regular rate fees/dues apply. Any discount previously available will be removed.
Mon., Jan. 15th, 5:01 p.m. Late fees generated.  Payment made on-line by 5:00 p.m. Jan. 16th will avoid a $50 late fee for membership dues and/or 5% late fee for Affiliate Office fees.
Mon., Jan. 22nd All DRs will receive email notification regarding their DR Dues Assessment (total due from DR for all unpaid agents) affiliated with their firm.
Mon., Jan. 29th, 5:00 p.m. FINAL MEMBERSHIP & AFFILIATE OFFICE FEES DEADLINE – Membership services will be discontinued for all individuals or Affiliate offices that have not paid their dues or fees by 5 p.m.  Any DR or Affiliate Office that has not paid personal dues/fees will have their Association membership, MLS services, and Supra Key Card services discontinued for the entire office (including any person listed under the office).
Mon., Jan 29th, 5:01 p.m. Individuals (Including DRs) who had their memberships discontinued for non-payment will owe all of the annual dues + a $50 late fee, + $25 member reinstatement fee.  An affiliate office who has their membership discontinued for non-payment will owe the total office fee + a 5% late fee + a $25 reinstatement fee.
Wed., Jan 31st DR Dues Formula Assessment billed to DRs – Payment due immediately.

All payment due dates are firm. Payments must be received and time-stamped by PAR no later than close of business on due dates per the following schedule: (Postmarks are not honored)

Partial payments are not accepted. Waivers will not be granted for any fees that occur due to failure to make payment on time.

All refunds are subject to a $20.00 processing fee, and must be requested within 15 days of payment. Any payment (check or electronic) returned as NSF or credit card charge backs will incur a $25 fee along with all dues (including late fees) that apply as of the date of the return.