Set the Tables for Success

There are all sorts of tables throughout our homes. They are where families eat meals together, and where people play games, make crafts, or relax with a cup of coffee while shopping for that perfect gift online.

Tables that serve various functions also can be found all over your home. In fact, there’s an excellent chance there’s a table or table-like piece of furniture in every room of your household.

Follow these tips for staging tables throughout your home to make sure they look their best when potential buyers visit your home.

In the Kitchen: The most prominent table in any house is the one in the kitchen. And because kitchens are busy, it’s a table that can get messy. Set a welcoming scene in your kitchen by placing some snacks and beverages for visitors. Put a homey centerpiece in the middle, and make sure the table is clear of mail, homework, wallets, purses, keys, etc.

The Dining Room: This is a more formal setting, so create an atmosphere that will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves enjoying special family dinners and delightful dinner parties. Place a neutral-toned linen tablecloth on the table. Candles or other decorative items in the middle are a nice touch.

Coffee Tables: Here’s a chance to have some fun and show the more casual side of your house, especially a coffee table in a den or family room. Display books and magazines, the ones people in your household are currently reading. A jigsaw-puzzle that’s in the works or a chess board or other game will let visitors know this a room where the family can have fun and make memories together.

Nightstands: Most bedrooms have some sort of table next to the bed. These should be kept neat and organized. If you still have clock radio, make sure the time is set correctly, and also make sure the radio is clean. If the radio doesn’t work, or it’s been unplugged for a while because your phone is your clock, then get rid of it. A book or two, a journal and some nice decorative items also can make these tables looking their best.

End Tables: These are found in living rooms, dens, and family rooms. Dust lamps and any other items on these tables. It’s also common to have photos on end tables, so make sure frames are in good condition, and if the frame is made a silver, give it a polish if needed. It’s also a perfect spot for some fresh and colorful flowers.

The right approach to tables can help spruce up rooms throughout your home.

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