Showing Your Home at Night

While many buyers prefer searching for a home during the day on the weekends, that’s not always possible. Sometimes people work late or have other commitments that require them to see houses they are interested in later in the evening, when the sun has already set. That’s why you must consider how your home shows at night just as much as you would for a daytime showing.

Probably the best way to understand how people will perceive your house at night is to simply approach your house from outside when it’s dark. Focus initially on the lights. Can you see the house? Is the driveway well lit? Are enough lights on inside so it doesn’t look dark and desolate?

Take a stroll around your entire property so you can see if there is enough illumination around the frontyard, backyard and any patio, deck, pool or outside amenity worth seeing. If not, invest in some floodlights that can hang on trees, the side of your home or your deck and add some brightness to the yard. Low voltage string lighting along path edges is also an effective and inexpensive solution.

Inside, you need to keep lights on in every room because you don’t want someone missing something important or worse, tripping over something. Plus, you put a lot of time into staging your house for a showing and you want to ensure a prospective buyer sees it all.

It’s not uncommon for someone to make a return trip to your home after seeing it in the day just so they can get a good feel of the street and neighborhood in the dark and see if there’s any sense of danger or isolation. You can’t do anything about street lights, but you can make sure that your lights showcase your yard and provide plenty of safety on your driveway.

Selling a home is a 24-hour job, seven days a week, so do your best to make it shine day and night.

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